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​Your best resource for Tucson home mortgage information, whether you’re looking for a Tucson refinance or looking to buy your first home and are new to the Tucson home loan process.  We’re here to help you find the Perfect Tucson Mortgage for Your Needs.

​Becoming a Home Owner

​So you have made the decision to get into the home ownership world... Congratulations! Once you're on your path to home-ownership there are certain precautions you'll be wanting to take to be sure to minimize your risks . Here are some tips to help make your purchasing experience a more positive one: Read More...

​​First Time Home Buyers Have Options in Tucson

​​A study from Harvard Business School reports that most millenials would like to buy a home, but that most also believe they can't afford one.  While that will be true for some, there are probably more that ​can​ afford a home than realize it.  There are a lot of great options for them out there to look into...​​​ Read More...

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